Marine Engineering

HNA Engineering offers marine engineering services in the UAE, including designing, constructing, and optimizing marine structures and systems.

HNA Engineering

One of the Top Marine Engineering Companies in UAE

HNA Engineering's marine engineering division is transforming the maritime industry with advanced and dependable in-house services. Our team of over 45 engineers, naval architects, and master mariners offers unmatched expertise in designing, constructing, and optimizing marine structures and systems.

Marine Engineering - HNA Engineering

We go the extra mile to ascertain the resilience and longevity of our solutions in demanding and dynamic marine environments. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology, rigorous analysis, and a deep understanding of maritime complexities.

Our Marine Engineering Services Fulfill All International Standards

At HNA Engineering, we are positioned to exceed the highest standards set by the marine engineering industry, including the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our experienced engineers and naval architects are well-versed in international regulations and best practices, ensuring that all projects adhere to strict safety protocols.

Why Choose Our Marine Engineering Company?

We continuously invest in advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to maintain our reputation as one of the best aluminium fabrication companies in Dubai. Our team is trained to use advanced technology, including CNC machines, laser cutting, and welding equipment, to deliver high-quality products with precision and efficiency.

  • Professional experience in the marine engineering sector with completed and ongoing projects in the UAE and MENA region.
  • Our team of skilled engineers and naval architects, each with an average of 15 years of professional experience.
  • We use advanced technology in all our operations, with continuous investment to acquire the latest equipment and software.
  • Strong partnerships with over 300 clients worldwide and a high retention rate.
  • Our services cover all aspects of naval architecture and marine engineering, having designed and optimized over 200 distinct marine systems.

Our team operates in a demanding industry, and our commitment lies in providing exceptional client service and delivering high-quality results. We aim to share our knowledge, expertise, and experience, providing cost-effective solutions for even the most complex marine engineering work. We nurture long-term client relationships, prioritizing project management and timely delivery at all times. For further details, please contact us at +971 6539 1188 or

Our History

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Marine Engineering - HNA Engineering
Marine Engineering - HNA Engineering

Our Team

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HNA Engineering was founded in the United Arab Emirates as a engineering focussed supplier.


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